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Why recycle paint? Because it costs less in so many ways!  

Currently people are instructed to handle unwanted paint in a few ways.

Open the lid and let it dry out.   This can take a long time; we are talking years for a nearly full gallon of

Use Kitty Litter to dry it out.  Let me save you the time, this is a mess.  You need a whole bag of litter and a
bucket (which costs more than our fees) to dry out a gallon of paint, to then just add to a landfill.  That’s
crazy!  That is like burning a dumpster of paper.  It is something that can be recycled so why add to the
problem of lack of landfill space.

Buy a hardener.   Same as the last problem, but now you are spending money on an additional chemical to
bury underground.
Most paint has been sitting for years, so why, after all this time, would you give up and chuck it in a

Let talk about all the other reasons paint can’t be tossed in the trash.

When garbage and recycling trucks crush their load, paint oozes into everything, making it hard to recycle,
and worse it can cause problems with the machinery that it gets into, creating a cost to clean.
Municipal recycling centers hate latex paint because it cannot be cleaned with paint thinner when it’s dry,
so that means things have to be shut down and cleaned by more expensive ways; Thus the inability to
recycle and toss out paint on the curb.

Many towns will give you a ticket if they catch paint in the trash, so don’t be surprised if one day there is
some gov’t worker going through your trash looking for a way to generate revenue from you trying to
sneak paint into a black bag.

For a few dollars we are a solution to all of these problems and if you care enough to toss your plastic,
glass, and paper into a separate bin from your food waste, you should care about this.
We eliminate unnecessary paint waste in landfills.

We create jobs sorting a making new paint and products from your donations.
We make sure than paint is on the walls and not buried forever underground.
We raise funds for the charities that you would donate to anyway, so you just did two good things.
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We  support Little City's Center for Employment, creating jobs for adults with disabilities