ReNEW Paint is a distributor of Amazon Select® recycled latex paint.  Amazon Select® is premium
quality, eco-friendly latex paints.  They’re manufactured from quality, surplus paint that Amazon collects
from government, business, and consumers.

Amazon's paint reprocessing system guarantees that every gallon sold meets strict specifications for
color, gloss, viscosity and coverage. Amazon Select has passed independent testing by the Master
Painters Institute and has earned the Green Seal stamp of approval.

Amazon Select® meets or exceeds the performance specifications of national paint brands.
Amazon paint may be used on interior or exterior surfaces. The paint may be brushed, rolled or sprayed. It applies
easily and provides excellent coverage. Most jobs require just one coat of Amazon Select.
Amazon paint meets or exceeds the same quality standards as name-brand, national paints. Every batch of paint is
tested by Amazon to ensure that the paint meets our strict set of specifications. In addition, the paint is periodically
tested by the Master Painters Institute (MPI), as a condition of receiving the MPI Seal of Approval. In short, you can
be confident that our paint is every bit as good as the more expensive, ‘virgin’ paint sold in the big box stores.

Environmental Benefits
By using Amazon recycled content paint, you are helping to protect the environment. By replacing new paint with
recycled paint you are saving all of the resources that would have been used in making the new paint. The energy
used to make and transport the paint, as well as all of the minerals, chemicals and pigments that are needed to
make new paint are saved when recycled paint replaces virgin paint. In addition, wastes associated with the
manufacture of new paint are avoided. Finally, by using recycled content paint, you are preventing that paint
material from ending up in a landfill or, worse, down a drain. So using recycled content paint saves resources,
saves energy, reduces pollution, and reduces landfill waste.

LEED Credits
LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. It is the most widely used system for certifying
environmentally “Green” buildings. Buildings accumulate points based on a variety of criteria ranging from energy
efficiency to use of recycled content materials to handling of waste materials.

Use of Amazon Select paint qualifies for LEED credits because the paint contains over 80% post consumer content
material. Additional LEED credits can be earned under the Regional Materials Credits (MR5.1/5.2) if your project is
within 500 miles of Amazon’s paint recycling facility in either Riverside, CA or Fridley, MN. Finally, the LEEDS for
Homes guide provides credit for using recycled content paint that is certified by Green Seal. Amazon Select paint is
Green Seal certified.

Low and No VOC Paint
In paints, VOCs refer to volatile organic compounds. VOC’s are chemicals that evaporate as the paint dries and
they can cause nose, throat and eye irritation, especially in poorly ventilated areas. The EPA currently limits the
amount of VOCs in paint to 250 grams per liter.

Some paint manufacturers currently sell low or no VOC paint. However, there is currently no regulatory definition of
what low VOC means. Some “low VOC” paint may be under 50 grams per liter, while others may be as high as 150
grams per liter. Green Seal, a recognized leader in certifying environmentally preferable products, defines low VOC
paint as under 50 grams per liter for interior flat paint, and 100 grams per liter for exterior flat paint. Amazon Select
interior/exterior paints are below 150 grams per liter, which is well below the federal limits, but not so low as to be
considered ‘low VOC” by Green Seal.

Low VOC paint is a good choice when painting indoors in a poorly ventilated area, and for indoor applications when
individuals that are sensitive to paint will be present. Amazon’s recycled content paint is appropriate for exterior
applications and for interior use when there is good ventilation and no other air quality concerns.

Low VOC vs. Recycled Content Paint
From an environmental perspective, Amazon’s recycled content paint is environmentally preferable to low or no
VOC paint. This is because over 90% of the material used in Amazon’s paint has already been made into paint.
Very few additional resources or energy must be used to take leftover paint feedstock and reprocess it into high
quality paint. By contrast, numerous raw materials are required to manufacture a gallon of “virgin” low/no VOC
paint. In other words, the act of manufacturing a gallon of virgin paint will use far more resources and energy than a
making gallon of Amazon’s recycled content paint.