There are a lot of things that make us
different, and when you are different
people tend to have a lot of questions.

Here are the most popular ones, along with
some other info that may help you decide
to choose us as your painting contractor.
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Why are your rates so cheap?  

This is our most asked question, and we like to respond

Why is everyone else so expensive?

Professional painters should be able to complete a room
in a relatively short amount of time with just a little prep,
and very little clean up.

So what are YOU paying for?
Are all of the materials included?

The prices listed in the price chart of this site are for labor only.  The cost of
the paint and unusual materials will be added to the final invoice.

What kind of paint do you use?

We use the "Greenest" Paint we can find, like Zero Voc products from
Sherwin Williams and Amazon Recycled Paint from ReNEW Paint.

Can I (customer) Supply my own paint?
The short answer is no.  But here is why...
We strive to be as "Green" as possible, so we will only use paint that is Zero
Voc. But not all Zero Voc paint is created to work with us and help us paint
as efficiently as possible.  Our suppliers back up our workmanship and paint
We also work with our suppliers to help drive down paint costs to our
customers, we do that by leveraging our volume of paint purchased
through our accounts.
We exclusively use Sherwin Williams and Renew paints.

Does your price include two coats?

Yes, always! It also includes minor wall repair, like filling nail holes, small
cracks and other wall imperfections.
Some Colors with Red and Yellow bases, and others with very little tint do
not cover in two coats, and we will charge on a per coat basis.

How quickly can you get the job done?

In many cases, as fast as the paint can dry! Most 3 bedroom homes are done
in one day!

Are there any extra fees that I should be aware of?

Everything will be in writing on the final estimate.  The only thing that we
cannot guarantee is the total amount of normal materials needed.  But we
will explain everything before we reach an agreement.
Do you sacrifice quality for price?  

Absolutely Not!

$99 Per Room was founded on the formula...

Experience + Attention to Detail (Time Saved) = Great Value

You can see our difference in the following ways…

Cut-in lines.
Straight edges with no bleed through is the first sign of a
quality paint job.

Spots in the walls.
This is something that you won't see.  We make sure to cover
all of the old color.

Spatter marks on trim, floor, and ceiling.  
There is no need to rush, because we don't charge by the hour.

Are you insured?
Yes, we are properly insured to work on one room to entire high
rise condo buildings.
For only $99.00
we provide...

Set up and basic wall preparation.

Two coats of paint on prepared walls.

Clean, straight lines on all edges.

Clean up.

And a satisfied customer!
Some Angie's List Reviews
What is a color change fee?

Every time we apply a different color we need a whole
new set up of supplies.  The $20 that we charge for color
changes helps offset the cost of those extra supplies as
well as the time that it takes to set up, break down and
clean everything.  

That $20 also compensates your professional painter to
cut additional clean lines where the two colors meet.

We have also developed a water treatment system that
prevents any latex from getting in the sewers or in
landfills when we clean out our brushes and rollers. Part
of the $20 helps us pay for that.
Other Reviews
$99 Per Room did a great job on our dining
Room, Family Room and Bedroom. It was done
quickly. The cleanup after was very thorough,
better than any other contractors we’ve used.
Our final bill was actually lower than the
estimate - that’s never happened before either,
appreciate the honesty. Pleasure working with
your team. Thanks for a job well done!
From a Real Estate Partner,

I also want to thank you for recommending Chris to us. I cannot sing his praises high enough.
He showed up with his staff  ready to paint and made if PAINLESS for me. He and his staff of
3 painted all rooms except bathrooms in one day. They did a  GREAT job and I would
absolutely  recommend him to others.
Again Thanks for everything Dawn
Warrenville, IL
Brian Martin reviewed
Quality Excellent
I am very impressed. Communication was immediate and comprehensive - everything in the quote was completely explained. Two days before the job
was to begin, we received email reminders about the time and who would be heading up the crew. The owner was understanding when, with only 48
hours notice, we had to push the start date back 72 hours. We never had to hunt him down; he always answered calls and emails and never acted as if
we were interrupting him. When the crew arrived (on time), they were efficient, clean and kind. They worked around our kids, were accommodating to
curious little ones and were pleasant throughout.

They worked very hard to make sure the job was 100% done within a day, but didn't sacrifice quality of craftsmanship. There was no complaining, no
cursing thrown around, nothing that made me uncomfortable or ill at ease. The most impressive thing about them was how clean they were. They
protected every surface, but still washed the hardwood down and vacuumed the carpet afterwards. My house was more clean when they left than when
they arrived.

The job itself was stellar. Every nick and nail pop was repaired, the ceiling lines were crisp and exact, and there were no 'missed' spots. My home looks
simply beautiful. I cannot wait to have these guys back at my house to finish the ground floor.
Our Goals
We welcome all honest feedback about our service.  We actually use it to get better!

Angie's List has been a great way for new customers to discover us and learn about us from other people who have experienced our
pursuit of excellence.   
Here is our direct link to our Angie's List Profile.
Set the standard for professional interior painting both for quality and labor prices.

Make professional painting so accessible that more people can experience relief from DIY
painting, because it is no longer cost effective to DIY.

Create jobs that turn into long careers with advancement opportunities.

Turn our success into charitable activities.
Testimonials about our service is just as important to other customers
as it is to us.  
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Interior painting service Reviews that can help customers with their painting projects in Glenview. We paint interior walls, ceilings, and trim in residential and commercial properties in Glenview. $99 Per Room is designed to be affordable without sacrificing quality.  We use zero voc paint and
green paint to be Glenviews green painting company of choice. 99perroom interior painting is the painting company of choice in Glenview, Hoffman Estates, Palatine, Roselle, Streamwood, Glenview, Northbrook, Barrington, Huntley, Arlington Heights, Wood Dale and all Chicago Land. Glenview
Real estate painting is another one of our specialties.  Glenview Interior painting in just one day when its needed.