We strive to be the greenest
painting company on Earth.

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Our "Green" Paint!
The decision to start was a no brainer! We are always
searching for products that help us reach our goal of being the
“Greenest” painting company on Earth and this gets us one step closer.
Every gallon of recycled paint that we use prevents all of the latex and
other components of paint from ending up in a landfill or, even worse, in
our water.
Our quality standards are very high and these paints help us maintain
those standards while reaching our sustainability goals. Trust us to
continue to improve the painting industry, one room at a time!
We are proud to use Sherwin Williams
paints every day.  It is our policy to use
the best and most environmentally
friendly paints that they offer.

We want our service area to be as energy efficient as
possible, and here is a great way to increase you home’s
R-Value with a
Thermal coating.

Add a Nansulate* Coating
for our same low room rates!

It's a quick and effective way to reduce energy loss and
control temperature changes.

*Price of Industrial Nanotech materials is extra
My intention with starting 99 Per Room was to make the painting industry better,
faster, and more affordable. I have always been a very environmentally conscience
person, so why would my business be any different.

Kermit said, “It’s not easy being green.”  This is funny, but it’s true.  Products are still
pricey and people tend to pass up the opportunity to do the right thing and buy earth
friendly paint. We take this idea of “green” to a whole new level.  Everything that we
do here is “green” first, from our marketing, to operations, to what happens to our
supplies after the job is complete.  

I hope that our extremely competitive labor rates and our supply prices will encourage
our customers to make the Green leap. I also encourage you to contact me if you have
a way to keep us even greener.

Chris McCarthy
Founder –
1. The Price Chart section of our site allows our potential customers to estimate their project with relative
accuracy, eliminating the need to drive tens of thousands of miles per year.  We also have access to
systems that record room dimensions any time a home is traditionally listed for sale, again eliminating on
site estimates at vacant properties and newly purchased homes.

2. We generate very little waste while working on a project…  
Our tarps are reused as many times as they are functional.
We purchase rollers sleeves that can be reused, in some cases up to ten times.
We properly recycle used materials like paint cans and liners.
99% of the time we don’t need to use painters tape, eliminating a massive amount of waste.

3. Staying up to date with technology is a great way to stay green.  Many of our tools work by hand or are
rechargeable - so no battery waste.

4. We think Green, so everything that we do is as Green as we can do it!

5. As far as we know, we are the only company that goes to this much effort to stay "Green"...
   Click Here to read about our latex/water treatment process.
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Green update - We have reduced the amount of trash that we generate to
3 cans of trash per year!
We recycle everything and reuse the rest.