Giving Back

Part of any successful business should be giving back to
those in need.  We intend on giving as much as we can in
many ways.  Our customers and their referrals are the key
to our ability to help those in need.
The company helped raise about $3,000 in May to fund Monday's makeovers, which included painting, new furniture, new kitchen
supplies, plants, fertilizer, new floors and minor decorations, like art.

But Stacy said that would not have been enough if other companies didn't donate their services and supplies.

Workers from $99PerRoom, a painting company, helped paint the homes for free. That company's partnership with
Sherwin-Williams paints helped secure close to $1,800 worth of paint for the project, said Chris McCarthy, owner of $99PerRoom
and a real estate agent at Koenig & Strey.

"I didn't even think about it," McCarthy said, when asked why $99PerRoom participated Monday. "We want to give back as much
as we can."

For Little City, the donation of time and money helped fill a funding gap, said Executive Director Shawn Jeffers.
Instead of selling homes Monday, a group
Schaumburg real estate agents renovated them.

About 30 employees from the real estate company
Koenig & Strey helped paint and landscape two
Schaumburg homes where 16 developmentally
disabled men live.
The homes are supported and maintained by
Palatine-based Little City, an organization that helps
create living and working opportunities for adults
and children with developmental disabilities like
The effort was part of the company's inaugural
"Kindness Week," in which all 16 Koenig & Strey
offices will participate in charity work, said Joe Stacy,
managing broker and head of the company's
fundraising arm, the Koenig & Strey Foundation.
We donated our time for several days to help The Little City Foundation update a home
in Schaumburg.  Our partners at Sherwin Williams and Renew paint were kind enough to
donate almost all of the paint that we needed to complete the project.

Volunteers Renovate Two Little City Homes

Volunteers at Kindness WeekVolunteers helped to clean and update homes during Koenig & Strey’s Kindness Week. This summer,
Little City Foundation partnered with real estate company Koenig & Strey for two home makeover volunteer events. For more than 50
years, Little City has provided personalized programs and services to children and adults with autism and other intellectual and
developmental disabilities throughout the Chicagoland area. Little City owns and operates 14 community integrated living
arrangements (CILA) in the northwest suburbs. Up to eight individuals live in a CILA home with 24/7 care and support.
To raise funds for materials for the two homes, Koenig & Strey utilized one of Little City’s available business opportunities and hosted
a Shred & Dump Day, providing local residents with a secure way to dispose of important documents and other items. The event
raised over $3,000 in donations which were used for mulch, flowers, pots and light fixtures.

Volunteer landscapingAn organized “Shred and Dump Day” helped to raise over $3,000 to pay for outdoor renovations. More than 30
volunteers from Koenig & Strey helped update the homes by painting, gardening, adding new flooring, replacing appliances and
performing general clean up duties. In addition to Koenig & Strey,
employees from volunteered their time
to paint both homes.
“We’re excited to give back to Little City, when we found them we knew it was meant to be,” said Managing Broker and Chairman of the
Koenig & Strey Foundation Joe Stacy. “This is going to be a long-term relationship and we’re going to keep coming back to these
homes when we can. We’re looking forward to getting to know the residents that live in the homes; they’ve become our new adopted

This event took place during Koenig & Strey’s Kindness Week where offices reach out to their local communities to give back. Little
City is looking forward to many more successful volunteer events with Koenig & Strey.

“These types of volunteer activities mean a lot to the individuals living in the homes,” commented Little City Volunteer Manager Catrina
Johnson. “The adults are proud to come home to their newly renovated home.”